Professional Cabinet Saw
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Professional Cabinet Saw

The Professional Cabinet Saw is SawStop’s top selling cabinet saw, offering unmatched fit and finish and best-in class cutting... Read more

The Professional Cabinet Saw is SawStop’s top selling cabinet saw, offering unmatched fit and finish and best-in class cutting performance.

52-INCH T-GLIDE FENCE ASSEMBLY: The 52-inch T-Glide Fence & Rail are made of heavy-gauge steel for sure lockdown and reliably square cutting for years without deflection.

UNMATCHED QUALITY: The trunnion and arbor are built for precision, strength and stability. The gas piston elevation delivers smooth and easy adjustability. Table flatness is measured diagonally at 0.010” maximum gap.

DUST COLLECTION: 99% dust collection is delivered above the table with the available dust collection blade guard (Model # TSG-DC, sold separately), and below the table with advanced shrouding around the blade. Available Overarm Dust Collection (Model # TSA-ODC, sold separately) routes dust away from the blade and into the 4” port.

SAWSTOP PATENTED SAFETY SYSTEM: Stops a spinning blade on contact with skin. The blade stops in less than 5 milliseconds, and drops below the table, minimizing a potentially life-altering injury to a mere scratch.

RELIABILITY: The Control Box houses the on-off switch, power paddle, and on-board computer, and constantly checks that all systems are working to reliably keep you safe.

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Starting at: $3,166.00

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SawStop’s commitment to quality, innovation, and safety over the past 20+ years has made us the best in the industry. Learn more about what makes a SawStop North America’s #1 selling Cabinet Saw


  • 52" Professional T-Glide Fence System provides smooth operation, an expansive work surface, precision measurement and sure lockdown without deflection.
  • Unmatched fit and finish with a keen attention to detail make the Professional Cabinet Saw SawStop's most popular saw.
  • SawStop Safety System stops on contact with skin.
  • ASSEMBLY: 1.75HP Professional Cabinet Saw with 52” Professional T-Glide fence system, rails & extension table
  • Dimension: 85 1/4" w, 33" d, 34" h

Included Items

  • (2) Cast Iron Extension Wings
  • (1) Miter Gauge
  • (1) Micro Blade Guard (1.75HP Models)
  • (1) Dust Collection Blade Guard (3HP Models)
  • (1) Riving Knife
  • (2) Blade Wrenches
  • (1) Push Stick
  • (1) 10” Blade
  • (1) Standard Lockdown Insert
  • (1) Standard Brake Cartridge
  • (1) Owner’s Manual
  • (2) Hardware Packs
  • (1) 3mm Hex Key
  • (1) 5mm Hex Key
  • (1) 8mm Hex Key
  • (1) Blade Spacing Adjustment Gauge


  • 52" Rip Capacity:PCS175 or PCS31230 -TGP252: 52" T-Glide Fence Assembly

  • Motor Option(s) (60Hz TEFC):1.75 or 3 HP available

  • Overall saw dimensions 52 in:85 1/4" W x 33" D x 34" H

  • Motor Configuration 1PCS175: 1.75 HP, 120v, 14 A (user config. to 220v w/optional kit available for purchase).

  • Saw body footprint:19 3/8" W x 19 3/8" D (Cabinet)

  • Cast iron table:20" W x 27" D

  • Extension wings:12" W x 27" D each

  • Cast iron table (w/ extension wings):44" W x 27" D

  • Extension table 52 in:40 1/8" W x 27" D

  • Shipping weights - w/ 52 in fence systems:503 lbs

  • Shipping dimensions (saw body only):42”W x 31”D x 30”H

  • Shipping weight (approx.):(table saw only) 375 lbs

  • Assembled weights - w/ 52 in fence systems:431 lbs

  • Weights - table saw only:317 lbs

  • Blade:40-tooth, prof. grade, 5/8" arbor

  • Blade diameter:10"

  • Blade tilt:Left

  • Blade kerf:0.118" (3mm)

  • Blade plate thickness:0.078" (2mm)

  • Max. depth of cut, blade at 0º:3 1/8"

  • Max. depth of cut, blade at 45º:2 1/4"

  • Max. rip, right of blade - 52 in:52" (w/ 52" rails)

  • Max. rip, left of blade:12"

  • Dado diameter:8" (requires dado brake cartridge & insert)

  • Dado max. width:13/16

  • Arbor diameter at blade:5/8"

  • Main bearing size:62mm OD x 30mm ID

  • Second bearing size:52mm OD x 25mm ID

  • Table in front of blade (max. elevation):10 1/4"

  • Table behind blade (max. elevation):7 1/2"

  • Arbor Runout:0.001" Maximum allowable runout

  • Table flatness measured diagonally:0.010" Maximum gap

  • Blade alignment with miter slot:0.010" Maximum displacement

  • Deviation of miter gauge indexing stops from actual:±0.25º

  • Alignment between splitter and blade: 0.010" Maximum difference

  • Miter slots T-shaped:3/4" at top, 1" at bottom, 3/8" deep

  • Miter slots center:11 1/8" center-to-center

  • Miter slots info:5 1/2" (arbor flange to center of right slot)

  • Dust collection port diameter:4"

  • Riving knife / splitter thickness:0.090" (2.3 mm)

  • Dust collection blade guard (optional on 1.75 HP saws):polycarbonate, extends 1-3/16" right of blade

  • Blade guard:(dust collection) port diameter 1-1/2" Outside, 1-1/4" Inside

  • Insert:zero clearance, phenolic core, melamine surfaces

  • Micro blade guard (standard on 1.75 HP saws):polycarbonate, extends 1" right of blade

  • Hand wheels:7" diameter, cast iron w/ chrome handle

  • Belts:2 V-ribbed belts - arbor b. static dissipative

  • Shipping weight w /52 in fence system:240kg (4 Boxes)

Universal Performance

Professional Cabinet SawTM


Projects Built With Professional Cabinet Saw

Build a Wall Cabinet

Build a Rolling Storage Cabinet

Thousands of Fingers Saved

Explore the stories of individuals who suffered tragic incidents before buying a SawStop.

Hobbyist Thanks SawStop for Saving his Finger

Jim M. (hobbyist)

"The blade stopped immediately."

Anonymous Worker (woodworker)

"The finest saw I had owned."

Mick D. (home-builder)

"The best purchase I have ever made."

Mark (diyer)

"It can happen to anyone."

Doug J. (cabinet-maker)

"SawStop saved my finger."

Chris A. (home-builder)

"The blade did exactly what you designed it to do."

Brian G (diyer)

"Just a small nick on his thumb."

Shop Worker (cabinet-maker)

"I only had to put on a band-aid."

Brad W. (hobbyist)

"I didn't even know."

Carl S. (cabinet-maker)

"This technology is revolutionary."

Pete S. (woodworker)

What Are People Saying?

"SawStop thought of everything."

Trent T.

"I bought the SawStop for its safety features."

George A.

"I'm a happy camper."

Robert P.

"It's a great saw."

Coy F.

"These saws are the finest operating saws I have used and seen."

James K.

"An incredibly well made machine."

Robert S.

"The saw is well made and functions flawlessly."

Brett A.

"Your company makes beautiful machines."

Paul M.

"This saw screams quality."

Per S.
New Jersey

"Thank you very much for a phenomenal machine."

Robert S.

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