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The SawStop(R) Jobsite Saw Pro delivers durability, innovation and precision with a design that’s built for the worksite. The JSS Pro has... Read more

The SawStop(R) Jobsite Saw Pro delivers durability, innovation and precision with a design that’s built for the worksite. The JSS Pro has the following features:

SAWSTOP’S PATENTED SAFETY SYSTEM: Stops a spinning blade on contact with skin. The blade stops in less than 5 milliseconds, and drops below the table, minimizing a potentially life-altering injury to a mere scratch.

CLASS-LEADING FEATURES: 24 5/8” table depth allows a larger surface to make safe and accurate cuts from. Included Active Dust Collection Guard for class-leading dust management. One-turn elevation allows the user to raise and lower the blade in a single turn, and the Quick-Tilt adjustment tilts the blade easily and quickly to the ideal angle in 1-degree increments.

HIGH-LOW T-STYLE FENCE WITH ERGOLOCK: The updated Jobsite Saw T-Style Fence slides smooth and lock firm with one touch. Extend the On-Demand shelf for added support, and use the low fence face for safer cutting of thin work pieces.

EASY MOBILITY: Simple, intuitive foot pedal extends the mobile cart for use and collapses the cart for transport.

ONBOARD STORAGE: Keep the accessories contained and protected in the onboard storage drawer. Find the Active Dust Collection Guard, riving knife, miter gauge and more, all ready for quick use.

RELIABILITY: The Control Box houses the on-off switch, power paddle, and on-board computer, and constantly checks that all systems are working to reliably keep you safe.

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Starting at: $1,579.00

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SawStop’s commitment to quality, innovation, and safety over the past 20+ years has made us the best in the industry. Learn more about what makes a SawStop North America’s #1 selling Cabinet Saw


  • Stowed Dimensions: 26 1/2" L x 29" W x 45" H
  • Class-Leading Table Depth: 24 5/8” table depth allows a larger surface to make safe and accurate cuts from
  • One-Turn Elevation: Raise and lower the blade in just one turn on the handwheel
  • Solid Hi-Low T-Style Fence with Ergolock: Slides easily and locks firm with the push of the innovative Ergolock. 25 1/2” rip capacity
  • Active Dust Collection Blade Guard: Captures above table dust, helping to ensure a safer and cleaner workspace
  • Internal Dust Collection Shroud: Designed to provide superior dust collection capabilities.
  • Easy Mobility: Simple, intuitive action extends the Mobile Cart for use and collapse the cart for transport
  • 1 year warranty
  • Jobsite Saw PRO with Mobile Cart Assembly -15A,120V,60Hz

Included Items

  • (1) Collapsible Rolling Cart
  • (1) High/Low T-Style Fence w/Ergolock
  • (1) Miter Gauge
  • (1) JSS Active Dust Collection Blade Guard
  • (1) Riving Knife
  • (2) Blade Wrenches
  • (1) Push Stick
  • (1) 10” Blade
  • (1) Table Insert
  • (1) Standard Brake Cartridge
  • (1) User’s Guide
  • (1) Assembly Instructions Poster
  • (1) Hardware Pack
  • (1) 3mm Hex Key
  • (1) 4mm Hex Key
  • (1) 5mm Hex Key


  • Model Option:10" Jobsite Saw PRO w/mobile cart & high/low fence system

  • Motor Configuration:120 VAC 60 Hz, Universal

  • Amperage:15A

  • Cord Length:116"

  • Sold and Shipped as Full Set Only with Cart : (no Cartless Option Available)

  • Motor Continuous HP:1.5 HP

  • Motor Peak HP:4 HP

  • Saw Dimensions without Cart (Body only):31-3/4" W x 28-3/4" D x 15-1/2" H

  • Saw Dimensions with Open Cart (ready to use):48" W x 29" D x 36" H

  • Saw Dimensions with Closed Cart (on End/stored position):26-1/2" W x 29" D x 45" H

  • Table Dimensions (Retracted):31-1/4" W x 24-5/8" D

  • Table Dimensions (Extended):43-3/8" W x 24-5/8" D

  • Shipping Dimensions:32" W x 43" D x 26" H

  • Shipping Weight (with Cart):137 lbs

  • Weight (Saw Only):84 lbs

  • Weight (with Cart):113 lbs

  • Blade Diameter:10"

  • Dado Diameter:8"

  • Dado Max. Width:13/16"

  • Bevel Angle Range:-1 to 46

  • Max. Depth of Cut, Blade at 0º:3-1/8"

  • Max. Depth of Cut, Blade at 45º:2-1/8"

  • Max. Rip Right of Blade (Extended):25-1/2"

  • Max. Rip Left of Blade:9-3/4"

  • Blade Tilt:Left

  • Arbor Diameter at Blade:5/8"

  • Table in Front of Blade (Max Elev):7-7/8"

  • Table Behind Blade (Max Elev):7-3/8"

  • Miter Slots T-shaped Dimensions:.754" W x .413" D; "T" .956" W x .157" THK

  • Main Bearing Size:62mm OD x 30mm ID x 16mm W

  • Second Bearing Size:52mm OD x 25mm ID x 15mm W

  • Riving Knife/Splitter Thickness:2.3mm (.090")

  • Hand Wheel:Effective diameter 6.3"

  • Belts:Poly-V static dissipative belt

  • Table Flatness Measured Diagonally:0.033" Inches

  • Dust Collection Port Diameter:2-9/16" Outside, 2-1/4" Inside

  • Active Dust Collection Blade Guard:polycarbonate, extends 1" right of blade

  • Blade Guard (Dust Collection) Port Diameter:1-11/16" Outside, 1-3/8" Inside

World's Safest Mobile Saw

Jobsite Saw ProTM


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Thousands of Fingers Saved

Explore the stories of individuals who suffered tragic incidents before buying a SawStop.

Hobbyist Thanks SawStop for Saving his Finger

Jim M. (hobbyist)

"The blade stopped immediately."

Anonymous Worker (woodworker)

"The finest saw I had owned."

Mick D. (home-builder)

"The best purchase I have ever made."

Mark (diyer)

"It can happen to anyone."

Doug J. (cabinet-maker)

"SawStop saved my finger."

Chris A. (home-builder)

"The blade did exactly what you designed it to do."

Brian G (diyer)

"Just a small nick on his thumb."

Shop Worker (cabinet-maker)

"I only had to put on a band-aid."

Brad W. (hobbyist)

"I didn't even know."

Carl S. (cabinet-maker)

"This technology is revolutionary."

Pete S. (woodworker)

What Are People Saying?

"SawStop thought of everything."

Trent T.

"I bought the SawStop for its safety features."

George A.

"I'm a happy camper."

Robert P.

"It's a great saw."

Coy F.

"These saws are the finest operating saws I have used and seen."

James K.

"An incredibly well made machine."

Robert S.

"The saw is well made and functions flawlessly."

Brett A.

"Your company makes beautiful machines."

Paul M.

"This saw screams quality."

Per S.
New Jersey

"Thank you very much for a phenomenal machine."

Robert S.

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