10 Reasons to buy a sawstop table saw

SawStop began as a company selling table saws not to just enter a crowded field, but to bring sanity, sense, and purpose to the single most dangerous tool in any shop or on any jobsite. Even when outfitted and used with a blade guard in place, an ordinary table saw is still inherently dangerous, and no amount of proper technique will completely eliminate the chance of a life-altering injury. We developed our patented finger-saving skin-detecting technology and implemented it into a line of proprietary table saws to show the world you don’t have to put your fingers at risk every time you power up a table saw. We’ve sold hundreds of thousands of these saws, but too many people continue to use saws capable of cutting off fingers in less time than you can react. Buy a SawStop, and know that you’re protected.

1. Safety: Our patented skin-sensing system stops a spinning blade in less than 5 milliseconds should a finger or hand contact the blade. We have thousands of documented finger saves from users who are thankful to have been using a SawStop. Your 10 fingers are the reason SawStop exists! We could count them as our 10 reasons and be happy, but we’ve got more. Learn more at Table Saw Safety | SawStop.

2. Quality: We build each saw using only the absolute best parts and components, made from the highest quality materials. Learn more at Sawstop Engineering | Built for Woodworkers | SawStop.

3. Performance: Not only are our table saws the safest available anywhere, but they’re also truly excellent saws built by woodworkers for woodworkers. Many media and influencer reviews over the years have said our saws would still be considered great even if we didn’t have our proprietary safety technology. Hear from actual users at Stories Archives – Sawstop.

4. Dependability: Although we stock parts for all of our saws, hopefully, you’ll never need to make that call looking for a replacement part. Both our cast iron table saws and portable table saws are built to last. (Here’s a photo of an early model—serial no. 9, purchased in 2004!—still in everyday use.) See our cast iron table saw lineup at Cast-Iron Cabinet Saws Archives – Sawstop. Or consider one of our portable saws at Portable Table Saws Archives – Sawstop.

5. Service: In those rare instances when something does go wrong, our top-flight service team is always ready to help. Link to service portal: Contact Us | SawStop.

6. Warranty: Each of our saws carries at least a 1-year warranty against manufacturing and material defects and workmanship, with our Professional and Industrial Cabinet Saws each carrying a 2-year warranty. Learn more about warranties at Support | SawStop.

7. Dealer support: With over 600 dealers in the U.S., plus more in Canada and Australia, we have you covered for local support, sales, and service. Find a dealer at Find a SawStop dealer with our store locator | SawStop.

8. Easy to follow instructions and assembly: We appreciate you buying our saws, so we make each one easy to assemble, with clear, intuitive instructions, fully detailed owner’s manuals, and blister-packed hardware kits color-coded and labeled to match the instructions.

9. Superior dust collection: We want you to cut wood with your saw, but we don’t want you to breathe the dust that action creates. So, we equip our saws SawStop dust collection, with dust shrouds around the blade to channel the dust to a port where you attach a shop vacuum or dust collector. We also have a few upgrade accessories to better collect dust above the blade. Don’t be the filter for your dust! Check out our dust-collection accessories at Dust Collection Archives – Sawstop.

10. Accessories: In addition to those dust-collection hoods, SawStop offers a wide range of SawStop accessories for our saws. Among our offering: sliding crosscut tables, mobile bases, portable stands, an outfeed table, a router table and lift with accessories, miter gauges, storage cabinets, a number of 10” blades, an 8” dado set, zero-clearance insert plates, and replacement brake cartridges. Browse all of our table saw accessories at Sawstop Table Saw Accessories | SawStop.

You know what, we could say that’s actually 19 reasons (10 fingers + 9 others) to buy a SawStop table saw! Each one is important to us, but your safety is the critical core to our whole business. So, get a SawStop saw and enjoy a long, safe journey using it.