Jobsite Saw Pro

Jobsite Saw Pro
The SawStop Jobsite Saw Pro delivers durability, innovation and precision with a design that’s built for the worksite.
Starting at $1579


Contractor Saw

Contractor Saw
All-purpose versatility, reliability and safety for a variety of users.
Starting at $1979


Professional Cabinet Saw

Professional Cabinet Saw
Award-winning design engineered to meet the demands of discerning woodworkers
Starting at $2849


Industrial Cabinet Saw

Industrial Cabinet Saw
Maximum safety and performance for industrial and heavy duty-cycle environments.
Starting at $4715

How Does SawStop Work?

  1. 1 Detect

    • The blade carries a small electrical signal.
    • When skin contacts the blade, the signal changes because the human body is conductive.
    • The change to the signal activates the safety system.
    Step 1
  2. 2 STOP

    Step 2
  3. 3 DROP

    Step 3
  4. 4 RESET

    Step 4


“When something goes wrong, you simply can’t move faster than a spinning blade.”

Table Saw Accident Victims

These woodworkers have honored us with their stories. Please take a moment to listen.

Two Accidents in One Month

Joe M. (woodworker)

Joe, now retired, worked for 30 years as a general contractor. Joe had two accidents in a one month period doing woodworking as a hobbyist. As result of the accident, he no longer has feeling in the tips of his fingers on his left hand, and his right hand appears deformed.

Amputation of Finger

Brandan S. (hobbyist)

“It flung my finger. I couldn’t turn the saw off because I was in shock.”

Amputation of Multiple Fingers

Nick C. (hobbyist)

“I’ve been doing this for years and never been hurt. That evening I spent 14 hours in surgery.”

Amputation of Finger

Tristan (woodworker)

“You only have a split second between having your finger and not having your finger.”

Amputation of Multiple Fingers

Amputation of Multiple Fingers

Tom L. (hobbyist)

“I had all the precautions. It was the last cut.”

SawStop in Action

SawStop Users Are Glad To Have Safety In Their Shop

Jim M. (hobbyist)

I had no marks. I had no blood. Thank you SawStop!

Anonymous Worker (woodworker)

Thank you SawStop for saving my finger! The blade stopped immediately.

Mick D. (home-builder)

Far more luxury than many would expect from a contractor’s saw.

Mark (diyer)

Avoid accidents to you and your family. Probably the best purchase I have ever made.

Doug J. (cabinet-maker)

We had our first “save” yesterday. It can happen to anyone.

Chris A. (home-builder)

Some stacked material fell over and pushed my hand into the blade.

It takes only one accident to change your life. @thedzaster has spent many hours behind a table saw without any problems but recently while working on a step stool, his hand was brought into contact with the blade. However, his SawStop saved his hand from a tragic accident. #SawStop #Safety #SawStopSaves ...

We take pride in the table saws we make at SawStop. We believe in not only making saws that are safe but also robust. @dsm_woodworking recently invested in a 3 HP Professional Cabinet Saw and can confidently say it is a solid piece of machinery. Right out of the box the saw is dialed in, ready to be used. We wish you happy crafting on this saw for many years to come. #Woodworking #Woodworker #SawStop #Safety #Quality ...

Tis the season for spring cleaning. SawStop Mobile Bases make it easy to move your table saw with so you can really give your shop a deep clean. Visit SawStop.com to learn more about our mobile bases and to find a dealer near you. ...

One mistake is all it takes for an accident to happen as @maxwellbayman learned recently. His board caught the blade and kicked back, then in an instant, his fingers were sucked into the blade. Maxwell is thankful for his SawStop and that he only got a cut and didn’t lose several fingers. #SawStop #Safety #woodwork #SawstopSaves ...

@mario_extreme_electronics knows that to make cool stuff, you need to have the best tools for the job. SawStop table saws are not only safe, but precise and made from the strongest materials. From the moment you open the box to your first cut, you’ll be thankful you chose SawStop. #SawStop #Safety #Woodworking ...

Our table saws give people peace of mind when working with them. From novices to masters of woodcraft, all it takes is for one slip up to change your life. @127_woodworks is learning on a SawStop and knows if she makes a mistake, there’s a safety net. #SawStop #Safety #Woodworking ...

Our In-Line Router tables provide even more variability and versatility to our saws. Attach one to your Contractor Saw, Professional Cabinet Saw, or Industrial Cabinet Saw with ease. Optimize your shop with an In-Line router table and switch between ripping to routing without adding a big footprint to your space. Learn more here: https://www.sawstop.com/table-saws/by-model/in-line-router-table ...

Sometimes it takes an accident or a close call to convince a woodworker it’s time to invest in their safety. @magnumrosewoodworking had a “whoopsie” that convinced him to buy a SawStop Professional Cabinet Saw. We hope his finger makes a full recovery and he can be back at making great things. #Woodworker #Safety #SawStop ...

SawStop Outfeed Tables are designed to maximize efficiency in your shop while also improving versatility with a minimal footprint. These tables are engineered specifically for SawStop Cast Iron Saws and made from steel for maximum carrying capacity. #SawStop #Woodworking #OutFeedTable ...

@cleancutwoodworks relies on the quality and precision of their SawStop saw to make the cleanest cuts possible for their projects. The SawStop Professional Cabinet Saw is a workhorse of a machine, keeping your cuts accurate time after time. #SawStop #Safety #Woodworker #precision ...

Working with power tools is inherently dangerous, the table saw being the most dangerous one in your shop. @cathartic_carpentree knows having a visual reminder that mistakes can happen in important to have in your shop. Show us what reminds you to be safe. #SawStop #SawStopSaves #Safety #Woodworking ...

The Overarm Dust Collection system helps keep dust out of the air and away from your lungs. With the Dust Collection Blade Guard, the Dust Collection system can collect over 99% of dust created. #Woodworking #SawStop #Safety ...

This beautiful Professional Cabinet Saw fits right in with this shop. @humuhumuwoodworking knows that like a lot of woodworkers, they work alone in their shop and if the worst happens, it would be all on them to get help. SawStop patented safety technology helps mitigating the risk of having a serious table saw injury in the first place, meaning you can work in your shop with peace of mind. #SawStop #Safety #Woodworking ...

With a SawStop Professional Cabinet Saw @sichwoodworks has the peace of mind that his young shop assistant will stay safe while she learns the hobby of woodcraft for years to come. #SawStop #Woodworker #YoungWoodworker ...

At SawStop, we appreciate seeing how people memorialize their brake activations. It's important to remember what can happen if you lose focus for one second while working with a table saw. @luckygiraffellc has kept their brake activation and has even named it employee of the month. #SawStop #Safety #SawStopSaves ...

Having a SawStop in your business can greatly reduce the chance of you or one of your employees suffering from an expensive and life altering injury. @matthewwiedmar knows it’s a great day when your employee can go home with all 10 of their fingers. #SawStopSaves #Safety #Woodworker #SmallBusiness ...

The Contractor Saw is built for versatility and reliability. This table saw has a smaller footprint than our larger models but allows the user to fit it anywhere in their shop. Find the Contractor Saw at your nearest dealer. #SawStop #Safety #ContractorSaw ...

Having a SawStop in the classroom is a great way to keep your students safe while they learn the trade. @bobswoodstuff got to demonstrate to his students how important it is to have table saw safety with his classroom SawStop. #SawStop #Safety #SawStopSaves ...

Introducing our all-new SawStop Dado set. This set features 24-tooth main blades, flat grind chippers with a variety of widths to provide maximum flexibility, and -5° hook for less tear out which means cleaner cuts overall. #SawStop #Safety #DadoBlades ...

This clever project helps organizes your space and keeps your most needed tools close by. @abewoodshop knows that keeping your shop organized and clutter off your table saw can keep you safer by keeping objects out of the way when you're making cuts. You can find plans for this project on our website for free. #SawStop #Safety #project ...

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NEW 24-Tooth Ripping Blades

Our new 24-Tooth Ripping blade is a general-purpose blade. It has carbide-tipped teeth and an alternating tooth bevel design for professional-quality cuts with minimal tear-out.