Compact Table Saw

Compact Table Saw
NEW: The smallest, most portable saw in the line-up brings quality and precision to the jobsite.
Starting at $899


Jobsite Saw Pro

Jobsite Saw Pro
The SawStop Jobsite Saw Pro delivers durability, innovation and precision with a design that’s built for the worksite.
Starting at $1599


Contractor Saw

Contractor Saw
All-purpose versatility, reliability and safety for a variety of users.
Starting at $1999


Professional Cabinet Saw

Professional Cabinet Saw
Award-winning design engineered to meet the demands of discerning woodworkers
Starting at $2815


Industrial Cabinet Saw

Industrial Cabinet Saw
Maximum safety and performance for industrial and heavy duty-cycle environments.
Starting at $4715

How Does SawStop Work?

  1. 1 Detect

    • The blade carries a small electrical signal.
    • When skin contacts the blade, the signal changes because the human body is conductive.
    • The change to the signal activates the safety system.
    Step 1
  2. 2 STOP

    Step 2
  3. 3 DROP

    Step 3
  4. 4 RESET

    Step 4


“When something goes wrong, you simply can’t move faster than a spinning blade.”

Dennis Milton SawStop

One little slip, one mistake can change your life forever 

When you hear that a table saw injury can be drastically life-altering, you can’t really appreciate what that means until you live it. Dennis Melton lives it. The Portland, Oregon man suffered a workplace injury that forever changed his life. 

Patrick Callahan Table Saw Injury

“I’m not whole anymore. I had a part of me that…I don’t have anymore. And I can’t get it back”


Patrick Callahan was working at his stone and countertop production business in 1998, cutting Corian (a synthetic material used for countertops) on a contractor-style table saw—without the blade guard in place—for a custom job. Unfortunately, the Corian rode up on the blade, then snapped back down and shattered, pulling Patrick’s left hand—his dominant hand—into the blade. Instantly, he suffered severe injuries to his thumb and two fingers. 

Table Saw Accident Victims

These woodworkers have honored us with their stories. Please take a moment to listen.

David Stivelman Testimonial

David Stivelman testimonial 

David Stivelman had to learn to care for his newborn son just nine months after suffering a horrific accident in his home woodworking shop. The accident cost him half of the index finger on his right hand, as well as permanently damaging two other fingers.

Two Accidents in One Month

Joe M. (woodworker)

Joe, now retired, worked for 30 years as a general contractor. Joe had two accidents in a one month period doing woodworking as a hobbyist. As result of the accident, he no longer has feeling in the tips of his fingers on his left hand, and his right hand appears deformed.

Amputation of Finger

Brandan S. (hobbyist)

“It flung my finger. I couldn’t turn the saw off because I was in shock.”

SawStop in Action

SawStop Users Are Glad To Have Safety In Their Shop

John M (woodworker)

Without the SawStop, I would probably have a thumb that is ¼” shorter. 

Jim M. (hobbyist)

I had no marks. I had no blood. Thank you SawStop!

Anonymous Worker (woodworker)

Thank you SawStop for saving my finger! The blade stopped immediately.

Mick D. (home-builder)

Far more luxury than many would expect from a contractor’s saw.

Mark (diyer)

Avoid accidents to you and your family. Probably the best purchase I have ever made.

Doug J. (cabinet-maker)

We had our first “save” yesterday. It can happen to anyone.

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