New SawStop Pays Off Just In Time 

In what can only be called fortuitous timing, John Mautz has a fully intact left thumb after a potentially disastrous table saw accident. Earlier this year, John replaced his old table saw with a SawStop Professional Cabinet Saw, and his foresight was rewarded a short time later. While cutting small sections for a segmented-bowl turning blank, John’s thumb accidentally contacted the spinning blade. Thankfully, the PCS’s skin-sensing system triggered the blade brake, stopping it immediately and pulling it beneath the tabletop.

Instead of a life-altering injury, John suffered only a small nick on the tip of his thumb, barely serious enough for a Band-Aid. “The saw sensed my thumb and retracted the blade so fast,” John said. “Without the SawStop, I would probably have a thumb that is ¼” shorter.” We’re so glad you’re safe, John! To learn more about SawStop’s table saws and our finger-saving technology, go to If you or someone you know has also been saved from serious injury on a SawStop saw, send us your testimonial at