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Industrial Dust Collection for a Dynamic Work Environment

Floating Overarm Dust Collection

This heavy-duty 4” overarm is designed to provide operator protection while removing table-top dust in both standard and non-through... Read more

This heavy-duty 4” overarm is designed to provide operator protection while removing table-top dust in both standard and non-through cuts. The transparent blade cover is engineered to lift easily for quick blade access, and the rigid steel overarm swings smoothly away and back into operating position. The wide pipe allows for high air volume collection.

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  • Blade Guard Dimensions 3 1/2” x 18 1/2”
  • "Distance between blade and end of extenion table 35 3/4” to 68” "
  • "Inner Dust Tube Diameter 3” Outer Dust Tube Diameter 4” "
  • "Outer Dust Tube height above table 13 1/2” Outer Dust Tube height above floor 33 1/2” to 50”"
  • Above Table Dust Collection-The large 4" tube allows for high air volume and above-table dust collection keeping harmful dust out of your shop. A dedicated 4" extraction port increases dust collection while only requiring a minimum of 400 CFM.
  • Adjustable Blade Guard-The blade guard provides the operator protection while making standard and non-through cuts, and the transparent cover increases visibility when making narrow cuts. The guard lifts easily for quick blade access and locks in place using the lock handle when not in use
  • Versatility-The dust collection tube can be easily adjusted to accommodate different SawStop cast iron saw configurations. It can be moved out of position by releasing the dust tube lock knob, or removed and stored when not in use.
  • Rugged Durabilty-The Floating Dust Collection is constructed from heavy-duty powder coated aluminum. The support legs connect underneath the extension table and ensure the rigidity of the large dust tube and blade guard.

Included Items

  • extension leg
  • dust collection guard mounting bracket
  • (2) leg support bracket
  • outer dust tube
  • inner dust tube
  • floating dust collectin blade guard
  • owner's manual
  • hardware pack


  • Part #:TSG-FDC

  • Net Weight:58 lbs

  • Blade Guard Dimensions:3 1/2” x 18 1/2”

  • Distance Between Blade and End of Extension Table:35 3/4” to 68”

  • Inner Dust Tube Diameter:3”

  • Outer Dust Tube Diameter:4”

  • Outer Dust Tube Height Above Table:13 1/2”

  • Outer Dust Tube Height Above Floor:33 1/2” to 50”

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SawStop Owner Testimonials

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