“SawStop’s Safety Features Sold Me, But Its Performance Blew Me Away.”

Family Handyman magazine is the leading publication in the United States for Do-It-Yourself content, recently publishing a review praising SawStop’s Compact Table Saw (CTS). Tester Robert Annis learned from first-hand experience just how dangerous a table saw can be, experiencing a kickback incident on his decades-old model that did not have proper safety guards installed. “When a piece of oak kicked back on me,” Annis says in the article, “I knew it was time to upgrade to a safer model.” He chose SawStop’s CTS for its small size, easy portability, and affordable price ($899).

“Aside from the technological benefits, this is a terrific compact table saw. The build quality is outstanding. At around 70 pounds, it’s a hefty little guy, but the weight adds to the stability.” Annis said the saw needed no adjustments out of the box, and he set about cutting various softwoods, hardwoods, and sheet goods over several months. “The cuts were highly accurate,” he said, further praising the rack-and-pinion fence and blade-tilt control for delivering both coarse and fine adjustments with ease.  

Read the full review at https://www.familyhandyman.com/article/sawstop-table-saw-review/.