SawStop CTS is “A Cut Above the Rest” 

Jake Lewandowski from Great Lakes Builders, and a contributing editor to The Journal of Light Construction (JLC), has long been a fan and user of SawStop table saws. Jake’s construction company already has a SawStop Jobsite Saw (JSS) in its tool arsenal, and with a focus on keeping his crew members safe, Jake was anxious to try out the new Compact Table Saw (CTS).

After using the CTS on jobsites for several months, Jake presents his review of the only sub-$1,000 SawStop table saw. “The SawStop CTS is a premium offering with a price to match: $899 at the time of publication. In my opinion the safety advantage alone is worth this high price tag, but I was pleased to find the build quality to be quite good compared to other compact models on the market.” Click here to read his review: Learn more about the Compact Table Saw at