Lower Limit Stop Maintenance

Service Procedure : SP-PCS-190717-02

Tools Needed:

  • Air Compressor and/or Wire Brush

If the blade on your PCS saw won’t lower all the way below the table and the arbor assembly is still above the rubber bumper.

The cause is almost always due to sawdust accumulation around your lower limit stop bolt. This prevents you from being able to reset the arbor block back to its retention position.

If all obvious locations for sawdust accumulation have been cleaned out, there are still a couple of “hidden” places sawdust can accumulate.

It’s hard to see down inside this recess (white arrow) but an air compressor will clean this out. Unless you tilt the mechanism to about 30° and raise the blade a couple inches, you wont spot this location (white arrow) either. Again, an air probe will help you get this area cleaned out also.


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