CB Saw Maintenance

Service Procedure SP-CB-071019-02

WARNING! Always turn off the Main Power Switch and switch the Disconnect Switch to the OFF position before doing any maintenance on your saw.

SawStop Safety System:
The safety system in general requires little maintenance. The system performs continuous self-checks both before and during saw operation. If a problem is detected, the appropriate status code will be displayed on the LEDs on the switch box.

Brake Cartridge:
Although the brake cartridge requires no maintenance, the condition of the cartridge should be checked after approximately every 50 hours of saw use. The cartridge is sealed to prevent the entry of dust or other contaminants into the housing. While a small amount of dust within the housing will not effect its operation, you should replace the cartridge if a significant amount of dust is visible inside the clear plastic housing. This would indicate that the cartridge housing seal has been damaged.

WARNING! Never use a brake cartridge if more than a small amount of dust can be seen inside the clear housing. If sawdust becomes packed inside the housing, the brake make fail to activate or may activate more slowly, thereby resulting in a serious personal injury.

The interior of the cabinet should be kept free of accumulated saw dust, wood chips and other debris. Periodically check the dust inside the bottom of the cabinet and trunnion assembly. Vacuum out the cabinet and trunnion assembly if needed. The 4 inch flexible hose that extends between the bottom of the trunnion assembly and the dust port on the back of the cabinet can be detached from the trunnion assembly and used to vacuum out the cabinet using the dust collection system connected to the saw.

Elevation and Tilt Mechanisms:
The elevation and tilt gearing should be kept clean and well lubricated. Periodically check the condition of the elevation miter gears and threaded shaft, and the tilt worm gear and sector gear. If necessary, clean off any dust, dirt, pitch or other debris using a wire brush, and then reapply a good quality, non-hardening grease.

Table and Extension Wings:
The surface of the table and extension wings should be kept clean and free of any rust. If rust develops on the surface, you can remove it by spraying the surface with a light coat of WD-40® and scrubbing with a fine abrasive pad such as ScotchBrite® 7448 hand pads. After wiping the surface clean, coat it with a rust-inhibitive, surface protectant such as TopCote® or TopSaver™.

The arbor belt and motor belt should be checked periodically for wear or damage. You can access both belts by opening the belt access door. Replace any worn or damaged belts. In addition, check the tension of the motor belt. If light finger pressure on one side of the belt causes more than about 1/ 2 inch deflection, the belt should be tightened. The arbor belt cannot be tightened, and therefore must be replaced if it does not have sufficient tension to prevent slipping under load.


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