Adjusting JSS Guard Clamp

Service Procedure SP-JSS-190522-001

Tools & Supplies Required for This Procedure:

  • 4mm Allen wrench
  • 13mm combination wrench


It sometimes becomes necessary to adjust the alignment of the JSS guard clamp to the blade, or to adjust the clamping force. The clamp works on the same principles at the other SawStop saws; the red clamping handle operates a cam that pushes the pressure plate sideways to clamp the riving knife or splitter into place. This procedure discusses the steps needed to align the splitter with the saw blade, and to adjust the clamping force.

Procedure Steps:

(Before starting, please read instructions all the way through to ensure complete understanding)
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Guard Clamp Alignment Screws:

Adjusting these screws moves the position of the guard clamp in and out to align with the saw blade.

Checking alignment:

  • Slide the steel straightedge against the left side of the blade plate, making sure it runs between the carbide tips and rides flat against the blade with no air gaps.
  • Ideally, the straightedge should also run flat against the left side of the riving knife, with no gaps. If so, you’re done – no alignment is needed.

Adjusting alignment:

If adjustment is needed:

  • Using a 4mm Allen wrench screwdriver, adjust the position of the guard clamp left or right to bring it into alignment with the splitter or riving knife.
  • It’s best to turn each screw the same amount to begin with to move the whole clamp left or right.
  • If the splitter is at a different angle than the blade, adjust the screws individually as needed to make the riving knife parallel to the blade.

Adjusting clamping force:

  • For adjustment, the clamp needs to be in the up/open position, so that the cam is not engaged.
  • Push the pressure plate inward; this will expose the head of the clamping bolt.
  • To adjust clamping force, use a 13mm wrench to turn the bolt head while it is exposed:
    • To increase force, turn the bolt head clockwise
    • To decrease force, turn the bolt head counterclockwise
    • To avoid damaging the clamp from excessive force, adjust in SMALL increments (1 or at most 2 detents.)

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