This is Carpentry – SawStop Cabinet Saw Review

I’ve been using a SawStop cabinet saw for more almost ten years. And for nearly that long, I’ve been hoping they would come out with a real portable table saw. Sure, a few years ago they introduced their Contractors Saw, but that monster weighs 310 lbs.! Definitely not my idea of portable.

Well, the wait is over. SawStop has just released a new model, and it’s truly portable—a real jobsite saw for carpenters that care about quality tools and are willing to invest serious money in the tools they use.

The new Jobsite Saw by SawStop (available in March), which includes a wheeled stand, costs almost $1300.00, nearly twice as much as the Bosch 4100-09, mounted on a similar wheeled stand. But in my opinion, it’s money well spent.

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