Fine Homebuilding- SawStop Jobsite Saw Review

The new SawStop Jobsite Saw was delivered to the Fine Homebuilding shop last week. This morning I laid my hands on it for the first time. As with the three other SawStop models I’ve used, the quality and intelligent design are readily apparent. The saw rides on a tube-framed cart/stand that can be set up for cutting or folded for transport in seconds. Thoughtful details include a height-adjustment knob that goes through its full range of motion with a single turn, an expanding table for rips up to 25-1/2 in. wide, and a clever storage box for accessories under the saw table.

My anticipation for the new saw is easily explained by statistics from the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). The CPSC says that 67,000 people are injured every year using tablesaws, resulting in 33,000 emergency-room visits, 4000 amputations, and $2.3 billion spent on medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. This makes tablesaws the most dangerous consumer product on the market. Although I have all my digits, I attribute that more to good luck than any special awareness on my part. I know many carpenters and hobbyists who are missing fingers. These are smart, conscientious guys who had a momentary lapse in judgment or a distraction.

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