Why a $2,200 SawStop Table Saw Is a Great Investment, Even for an Amateur

So, how do I like my SawStop table saw? I love it. Soon after I started using it, I discovered additional benefits I hadn’t even taken into consideration. Despite being larger and more powerful than my old portable saw, it’s half as loud, and it shakes less. That latter bit is more comforting than I can describe in words.

Thanks to a more powerful motor, I have an easier time cutting hard and exotic woods. Purple Heart caused my old saw to struggle, but now I cut through it like butter. That gives me cleaner cuts, and I finish sooner.

Even the wheels I use to lift and lower the blade or change its angle are a joy to use compared to my old saw. They’re larger, so I need fewer turns to make significant changes, and yet they feel smoother. It’s a giant step up in quality, as it should be.

I’m still vigilant about safety, but I feel less stressed knowing I have a backup system if I make a mistake. That means I’m using my table saw for cuts that I might have avoided before—not because they can’t be done safely, but because I feared my tool too much.

Dropping $2,200 on anything, let alone a table saw, isn’t something I can do at the drop of a hat. It involved sacrifice and saving. But now that I have it, I know the effort and money spent is justified.

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