Great saw. FDMC Review.

From the initial introduction of the SawStop flesh-sensing safety system, I’ve been impressed. But I was even more impressed when I started using the saw. Forget about the blade-stopping safety system, which I’ve never triggered except on purpose for a testing demonstration, it’s just a great saw and the only table saw in my shop. So, maybe I’m biased already, but I got more excited when SawStop announced a new portable model targeted for use on the jobsite.

The SawStop Jobsite saw with its rolling cart tips the scales at 108 pounds (the saw alone is 79 pounds). It has a 1.5-hp motor, drawing 15 amps to drive a standard 10-inch blade.

Pleasure to unpack

One of things that impressed me about my previous SawStop saw was how well thought out even the unpacking and assembly was. The Jobsite Saw continues that tradition. You just cut one end of the box, tip the saw up, bolt on two wheels and two handles, then roll the saw right out of the box.

There’s clever onboard storage for just about everything you need. The rip fence slides into a holster on the side with the push stick clipped above it. Blade wrenches mount on the side close at hand. When you slide open the table extension to allow ripping up to 25-1/2 inches to the right of the blade, you’ll discover a lidded storage compartment to hold the blade guard and other saw accessories, including the manual.

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