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Industrial Cabinet Saw

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Jobsite Saw
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Versatility. Safety. True 1.75 HP power. Whether on the jobsite or in the shop, this saw delivers SawStop peace of mind with the performance you need.

Industrial Cabinet Saw

Maximum safety and performance for industrial and heavy duty-cycle environments. Find out the difference vs. a Professional Cabinet Saw! Click Here

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The SawStop® 10” Industrial Cabinet Saw is the reference by which all other saws are measured: Precision and heavy-duty construction, the revolutionary safety feature that’s made SawStop famous, and 99% dust collection system that’s second-to-none. It is, simply put, the finest SawStop saw ever made.

Model Options

Industrial 36"

36” rip capacity & T-Glide Fence Assembly | 69 1/4″ w x 36 1/2″ d x 34″ h

Industrial 52"

52” rip capacity & T-Glide Fence Assembly | 85 1/4″ w x 36 1/2″ d x 34″ h

Included with Saw

• (2) Cast Iron Extension Wings
• (1) Miter Gauge
• (1) Dust Collection Blade Guard
• (1) Riving Knife
• (2) Blade Wrenches
• (1) Push Stick
• (1) 10” Blade
• (1) Standard Brake Cartridge
• (1) Owner’s Manual
• (2) Hardware Packs
• (1) 3mm Hex Key
• (1) 5mm Hex Key
• (1) 8mm Hex Key
• (1) Blade Spacing Adjustment Gauge

High Level Specs

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  • Cast iron table (w/ extension wings): 44″ w x 30″ d
  • Extension table 30 in rails: N/A
  • Extension table 36 in rails: 24″ w x 30″ d
  • Extension table 52 in rails: 40″ w x 30″ d
  • Weights - table saw only: 530 lbs
  • Weights - w/ 30 in fence systems: N/A
  • Weights - w/ 36 in fence systems: 635 lbs
  • Weights - (optional cast iron wings): N/A
  • Blade: Prof. grade, 5/8″ arbor
  • Blade kerf: 0.118″ (3mm)
  • Blade plate thickness: 0.078″ (2mm)
  • Max. rip, right of blade - 36 in: 36 1/2″ (w/ optional 36″ rails)
  • Max. rip, right of blade - 52 in: 52 1/2″ (w/ optional 52″ rails)
  • Max. rip, left of blade: 12 1/2″
  • Max. rip, left of blade (options): N/A
  • Dado diameter: 8″ (requires a separate brake cartridge and insert)
  • Dado max. width: 13/16″
  • Arbor diameter at blade: 5/8″
  • Main bearing size: 62mm OD x 30mm ID
  • Second bearing size: 52mm OD x 25mm ID
  • Table in front of blade (max. elevation): 10 3/4″
  • Table behind blade (max. elevation): 10″
  • Arbor Runout: 0.001″ Maximum allowable runout
  • Table flatness measured diagonally: 0.010″ Maximum gap
  • Blade alignment with miter slot: 0.010″ Maximum displacement
  • Deviation of miter gauge indexing stops from actual: ±0.25º
  • Alignment between splitter and blade: 0.010″ Maximum difference
  • Miter slots T-shaped: 3/4″ at top, 1″ at bottom, 3/8″ deep
  • Miter slots center: 11 1/8″ center-to-center
  • Miter slots info: 5 1/2″ (arbor flange to center of right slot)
  • Riving knife / splitter thickness: 0.090" (2.3 mm)
  • Blade guard (dust collection): polycarbonate, extends only 1-3/16" to right of blade
  • Blade guard (dust collection) port diameter: 1-1/2" Outside, 1-1/4" Inside
  • Blade guard (micro guard): N/A
  • Insert: zero clearance, phenolic core, melamine surfaces
  • Hand wheels: 8″ diameter, cast iron w/ chrome handle
  • Belts: 2 V-ribbed belts
  • Overall saw dimensions: 44″ w x 34″ d x 34″ h
  • Overall saw dimensions 30 in: N/A
  • Overall saw dimensions 36 in: 69 1/4″ w x 36 1/2″ d x 34″ h
  • Overall saw dimensions 52 in: 85 1/4″ w x 36 1/2″ d x 34″ h
  • Motor configuration 1: ICS31230: 3 hp, 1 phase, 230V, 13 A
  • Motor configuration 2: ICS51230: 5 hp, 1 phase, 230V, 19.7 A
  • Motor configuration 3: ICS53230: 5 hp, 3 phase, 230V, 12 A
  • Motor configuration 4: ICS53480: 5 hp, 3 phase, 480V, 5.8 A
  • Motor configuration 5: ICS53600: 5 hp, 3 phase, 600V, 4.8 A
  • Motor configuration 6: ICS73230:7.5 hp, 3phase, 230V,17.8 A
  • Motor configuration 7: ICS73480: 7.5 hp, 3 phase, 480V, 9 A
  • Motor configuration 8: ICS73600:7.5 hp, 3 phase, 600V, 6.9 A


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What's the Difference?

The Industrial Saw vs. the Professional Cabinet Saw. How do they differ and which is the right saw for you?

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Accessories for your Industrial Cabinet Saw

Sliding Crosscut TSA-SA48

Has a full 48" rip/crosscut capacity & fits all SawStop saws.

More Info

Overarm Dust Collection TSA-ODC

Remove Dust Up and Out of the Way.

More Info

Industrial Mobile Base MB-IND-000

Stable all the time, but mobile when you need it.

More Info

Standard Zero Clearance Insert TSI-SLD

Reduced Splintering.

More Info

Dado Zero Clearance Insert TSI-DLD

Tool-free latch and a precise fit reduce airborne particles.

More Info

Standard Brake Cartridge TSBC-10R2

The heart of the SawStop safety system.

More Info

Dado Brake Cartridge TSDC-8R2

The heart of the SawStop safety system.

More Info

10” 40- Tooth Blade     BTS-R-40ATB

Premium woodworking blades for table saws.

More Info

10” 80-Tooth Blade BTS-P-80HATB

Ideal for cutting materials like plywood, melamine and MDF.

More Info

10” 40-Tooth Blade CNS-07-148

High quality woodworking blades for table saws

More Info

10” 60-Tooth Blade CB104 184

High quality woodworking blades for table saws

More Info

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Industrial Cabinet Saw vs. Professional Cabinet Saw

200+ more pounds of Iron and Steel for heavy duty cycles, maximum stability and ultimate precision.
  • Thicker Cast Iron Table for added stability
  • Deeper Cast Iron Table (30” vs 27”), allowing for about 2.5” more room in back of the blade.
  • Thicker gauge steel in the cabinet, rails and tube and fence.
  • Larger and deeper fence. Tracks smooth and locks down solid with no deflection
  • Massive Cast Iron Trunnion delivers smooth, precise operation year after year
  • Bigger Hand Wheels for easy adjustment
  • Larger metal motor access door for quick access
  • Second access door for easy maintenance
Enhanced safety features.
  • Industrial Lock-out/Tag-out switch
  • Interrupt switches on all the access doors disable saw when open.
Most Powerful 10” Saw
  • Offers the widest range of motor and power options, including an available 7.5hp motor. No other production 10” cabinet saw offers that much power!
3 more years of motor warranty