"When something goes wrong, you simply can’t move faster than a spinning blade."

Below are the stories of individuals who suffered tragic incidents before buying a SawStop.


Accident Victims Stories

James H. Experience: Hobbyist Injury Location: Fingers Injury Type: Amputations "They did leech therapy on the middle finger for six days to draw the blood through."

James H.

Amputation of Multiple Fingers

Hobbyist: "They did leech therapy on the middle finger for six days to draw the blood through."

Mike M. describes his table saw injury Experience: Hobbyist Injury Location: Multiple Fingers Injury Type: Amputations "It gets to your finances, with doctor bills, medications and things you can't do any more to make the money you used to make." Follow us on Learn more on

Mike M.

Amputation of Multiple Fingers

Hobbyist: "It gets to your finances, with doctor bills, medications and things you can't do any more to make money you used to make."

SawStop | Craig B. describes his table saw injury Craig is a hobbyist woodworker who lost multiple fingers by amputation from a table saw injury. "I had this picture made as a reminder that you can't cut safety short. Follow us on Learn more on

Craig B.

Amputation of Multiple Fingers

Hobbyist: "I had this picture made as a reminder that you can't cut safety short."

Dave H. Dave, a stickler for safety rules, is an owner of a cabinet shop in Portland, OR. Using a table saw he cut off his thumb. Dave speaks about being a Cabinet Shop owner and having to cope with having one of his employees suffering an accident on a table saw. He also testifies to the confidence he has now with SawStop table saws.

Dave H.

Amputation of Thumb

Woodworker: "Table saws are not forgiving ... You have to live with this the rest of your life."

Roger W. Roger was ripping material on his table saw like he had done for "forever." He slipped for just a moment on the cut. He didn't even realize at first that he had cut off two of his fingers. They were not able to reattach them.

Roger W.

Amputation of Multiple Fingers

Woodworker: "I went to grab the piece that I had just ripped and noticed the blood."

Dave M. Ripping a 2x4 with a push stick in his home shop, Dave thought he was doing everything right. It all happened so fast, Dave still isn't sure exactly how the accident happened.

Dave M.

Laceration of Multiple Fingers

Hobbyist: "I've used the saw a million times, but something went wrong."

Tom L Helping his friend put in his hardwood floor on the last cut Tom cut off three of his fingers on a table saw with "all the precaustions". Tom works in the Information Technology industry and this accident has affected his ability to type.

Tom L.

Amputation of Multiple Fingers

Hobbyist: "I had all the precautions. It was the last cut."

Tristan In a split second Tristian lost his index finger on his left hand running material through his table saw. Tristian describes his difficulties in relearning how to play guitar and other daily tasks because of the accident.


Amputation of Finger

Woodworker: "You only have a split second between having your finger and not having your finger."

Nick C. describes his table saw injury After four different surgeries with one more to go, Nick now has moderate use of his right hand. While working on a home project, Nick had a major accident resulting in the amputation and replacement of three of his fingers. Purchasing the table saw that amputated his fingers, Nick decided that with over 40 years of woodworking experience he didn't have to worry about a table saw accident and opted against a SawStop because of money. "Buy the SawStop the First Time" Follow us on Learn more on

Nick C.

Amputation of Multiple Fingers

Hobbyist: "I've been doing this for years and never been hurt. That evening I spent 14 hours in surgery."

SawStop | Brandan S. describes his table saw injury Brandan, a physical therapist from Omaha, Nebraska, had an accident using a table saw on a Saturday afternoon. He was in his home after an Easter Egg hunt with his family. As result of this accident, Brandon's index finger has been amputated and he does not have the same articulation and grip strength in his three other primary fingers on his right hand. Brandon grew up in a woodworking family and worked his way though school as a finish carpenter. Follow us on Learn more on

Brandan S.

Amputation of Finger

Hobbyist: "It flung my finger. I couldn't turn the saw off because I was in shock."

​The Facts

In the United States alone, over 65,000 people are victims of table saw accidents each year. The impact on the victim is substantial and in some ways immeasurable. OSHA estimates that the cost to a business of a single amputation is more than $130,000 on average. But these numbers do not take into account the pain of the accident, the ER visit, the surgeries and years of physical therapy.

There is no measure for the regret a business owner, supervisor or teacher has knowing they allowed those in their care to be placed in harm’s way. The simplest fact is that SawStop is the only engineered solution to reduce these tragedies to a band-aid and a new brake cartridge and blade.


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