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Seat belts, airbag, SawStop

Fundamental Safety just makes sense. If you could pursue the craft that you love, and remove the big risk that hangs over your head every time you step into your shop, would you do it? That’s the SawStop decision.

Engineered for Serious Woodworkers

Woodworkers take pride in their creations. Serious table saw manufacturers do the same. With the Professional Cabinet Saw, SawStop dedicated countless thousands of engineering hours to ensuring nothing was missed. From the true vertical elevation, to the smooth repeatable cutting, and on to the industry-leading T-Glide Fence, everything is designed to deliver repeatable excellence. Count on it.

Heavyweight cast iron Trunnion and Arbor ensure a smooth cut with less vibration.

Integrated mobile base minimizes footprint and delivers instant mobility around the shop.

Skin Detection: If the operator touches the blade, 5 milliseconds later the blade is stopped and dropped.

T-Glide Fence and Rail are made of heavy gauge steel for sure lockdown and reliably square cutting for years without deflection.

99% dust collection is delivered above the table with the available dust collection blade guard, and below the table with advanced shrouding around the blade.

Features Hobbyists Love on the Professional Cabinet Saw

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We have outgrown our third headquarters, and are moving to a new, much larger home this week. Unfortunately, this means we will not be available via telephone or email from Noon PST on Monday, February 15th to 8am on Thursday, February 18th. We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for your patience and support!

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Effective February 1st, USA prices on most SawStop saws and many SawStop accessories will increase.

We continue to refuse to cut corners or compromise our dedication to product quality and customer care. After holding the line on prices for over a decade, we must make an adjustment to account for more than a decade of material, shipping and other cost increases. Our last price increase on saws was in 2008!

We don't like raising our prices, and we don't plan to make it a habit.

Price increases will vary by model and accessory. Some examples, expect the Contractor Saw to increase by $100, the Professional Cabinet Saw to increase by $150, and the Industrial Cabinet Saw to increase by $150-200 (the Jobsite Saw will not increase).

Thank you for your understanding and your support. For more information on expected price increases, please contact your local SawStop dealer.

Thank you,
Your friends at SawStop