What to do if the SawStop Safety System Activates (JSS)

Service Procedure SP-JSS-190703-02

When the SawStop Safety System is activated, the brake pawl will be pushed into the blade to stop its rotation. If the blade is spinning at a significant speed, the arbor block will retract to lower the blade below the table. Both of these actions will occur within just a few milliseconds. In addition, the safety system will turn off the motor, and display the “Replace Cartridge” system status code on the LED lights on the switch box (see page 30).

Once the safety brake is activated, you will need to carry out the 3 steps described below to reset the safety
system and the saw before continuing to use the saw:

  • Reset the Retraction of the Arbor Block: during normal use, the front of the arbor block is held in place by a spring-loaded support mechanism called the retraction bracket. When the brake is activated, the angular momentum of the spinning blade is transferred to the arbor block, causing it to drop out of the retraction bracket. To reset the arbor block into the retraction bracket, turn the elevation hand wheel counter-clockwise until the lower elevation limit stop is reached. The arbor block will automatically engage the support mechanism. Now turn the elevation hand wheel clockwise to raise the arbor block and blade. You can also reset the arbor block manually by pulling the arbor bolt sharply upward until you feel the arbor block engage the retraction bracket.
  • Replace the Brake Cartridge: the SawStop brake cartridge must be replaced in the event the brake is activated. The brake pawl and components inside the sealed housing are expended when the brake is activated. Therefore, the brake cartridge cannot be reused after the brake is activated and it may be discarded. Once the activated cartridge has been removed, obtain another brake cartridge that has not been activated and follow the instructions on page 40 to install it. If the brake activated due to accidental contact between the blade and an operator, please ship the cartridge to SawStop. During use the cartridge is constantly measuring data about the operation of the saw and the signal received from the blade. When the brake is activated, the most recent data is stored into memory and SawStop can download the data from the activated cartridge. This data is very important to our continuing research and development program. If SawStop’s engineers verify the activation was due to contact with skin, you will receive a free replacement cartridge. If you are unsure why the cartridge activated, you can also ship the cartridge for analysis to SawStop’s service engineers. When the cartridge data is downloaded, we then can determine what specifically caused the brake to activate so that further unintended activations can be prevented. The brake cartridge evaluation is free of charge the shipping of the brake cartridge is paid for by the customer. WARNING! Always make sure that both the Disconnect Switch and the Main Power Switch are in the OFF position before replacing the brake cartridge on your saw.
  • Replace the Blade: when the brake is activated the aluminum brake pawl will pivot into the teeth of the saw blade with a large amount of force and speed. This usually causes the brake pawl to lock up on the blade. If you remove the brake pawl from the blade, one or more of the carbide teeth on the blade will usually be pulled off. Therefore, it is almost always necessary to replace the blade after the safety system has been activated. Once the retraction of the arbor block has been reset and the brake cartridge and blade have been replaced, the saw is ready for operation.


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