Steps to Manually Re-set Arbor in Retention Bracket (CNS)

Service Procedure SP-CNS-190703-001

Tools & Supplies Required for this Procedure:

  • ICS blade wrenches
  • Rag or glove to safely grasp arbor bolt
  • Soft-faced hammer or mallet and a block of wood to break arbor loos from retention bracket

Procedure Steps:

(Before starting, please read instructions all the way through to ensure complete understanding)

It’s likely that the arbor wasn’t fully reset. The manual (p.45) specifies cranking the assembly all the way
down to the bottom to re-engage the pin and reset the arbor arm; however I prefer pulling up on the
arbor bolt (with the blade off) to engage things manually. This method allows me to feel the pin snap
into place and lock there.

  1. For safety, disconnect all electrical power to the saw.
  2. Raise the saw all the way up with the elevation handle.
  3. Ensure the blade is removed
  4. Push down on the arbor casting with enough force to break it loose and let it swing down to the
    bottom of its travel
  5. Reach down and grab the arbor with a gloved hand or a rag, and pull up sharply until the arbor
    snaps back into its proper position
  6. Put the blade back on – it should now be in proper relationship with the riving knife

If the pin is broken or the retention bracket is loose, then it might not hold firmly. (On a CB or ICS
cabinet saw, It should take about 40lbs downward force to break the pin loose.)

When you push it down, you should see a pin sticking out of the arbor arm end.

(from top of saw – through throat plate opening)

(from left side door – pin disengaged, arbor pushed down)

(from left side door – pin fully engaged with retention bracket) This is what it looks like fully re-set.

If the above procedure doesn’t work, then we need to examine the retention pin and bracket to see which one is causing the problem.

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