Guard Clamp Force Adjustment

Service Procedure SP-JSS-190522-001

Tools & Supplies Required for This Procedure:

  • 10mm combination wrench


The JSS Guard clamp works in the same way as other SawStop guard clamps: as the clamp handle is rotated, a cam action brings the clamp together, clamping the guard or riving knife firmly so it can’t rock or come out of the clamp. The action can relax over time, usually due to thread or cam wear, and may require adjustment. The following steps will bring the clamp into proper alignment.

Procedure Steps:

(Before starting, please read instructions all the way through to ensure complete understanding)

JSS Guard Clamp (normal view):

The guard clamp is shown in the “up” position, with the cam disengaged. Adjustments should be made from this position.

Adjusting the Clamping Force:

  • Remove the guard/splitter.
  • Push the empty clamp closed – the bolt head will protrude and become accessible.
  • Using a 10mm wrench, turn the bolt clockwise one notch (the clamp can be damaged if you try to adjust too many clicks in one step.)
  • Test the clamping force by reinserting the guard. If the guard is held firmly, you’re done, otherwise go to step 5.
  • If the guard isn’t clamping firmly, go back and repeat steps 3-4.

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