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Premium Dado Set

Get unmatched performance with our all-new Dado Set. This premium Dado set features 24-tooth main blades, flat grind chippers with a... Read more

Get unmatched performance with our all-new Dado Set. This premium Dado set features 24-tooth main blades, flat grind chippers with a variety of widths to provide maximum flexibility, and -5 hook for less tear out which means cleaner cuts overall.

VARIETY OF WIDTHS: The variety of chipper widths allow for maximum flexibility when cutting hard and soft woods.

CLEANER CUTS: -5-degree hook for less chipping with means cleaner cuts overall.

SAWSTOP’S PATENTED SAFETY SYSTEM: This dado blade set is compatible with SawStop’s renowned safety technology, stopping and dropping to minimize a potentially life-altering injury to a mere scratch.

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SawStop’s commitment to quality, innovation, and safety over the past 20+ years has made us the best in the industry. Learn more about what makes a SawStop North America’s #1 selling Cabinet Saw


  • Premium specialized blade set suited for cutting hardwoods and softwoods.
  • Flat grind chippers for reliable cutting.
  • Variety of chipper widths for maximum flexibility.
  • -5 Hook for less chipping and cleaner cuts.
  • Cutting range of ¼”– 29/32”
  • 6000 Maximum RPM.

Included Items

Main Blades

  • (1) 8”, 24T right
  • (1) 8”, 24T left
  • (1) 8”, 4T – ¼”
  • (2) 8”, 4T – 1/8”
  • (1) 8”, 4T – 1/16”
  • (1) 8”, 4T – 3/32”
  • (3) 0.004”
  • (3) 0.008”


  • Shims(3) 0.004” and (3) 0.008”

Thousands of Fingers Saved

Explore the stories of individuals who suffered tragic incidents before buying a SawStop.

Hobbyist Thanks SawStop for Saving his Finger

Jim M. (hobbyist)

"The blade stopped immediately."

Anonymous Worker (woodworker)

"The finest saw I had owned."

Mick D. (home-builder)

"The best purchase I have ever made."

Mark (diyer)

"It can happen to anyone."

Doug J. (cabinet-maker)

"SawStop saved my finger."

Chris A. (home-builder)

"The blade did exactly what you designed it to do."

Brian G (diyer)

"Just a small nick on his thumb."

Shop Worker (cabinet-maker)

"I only had to put on a band-aid."

Brad W. (hobbyist)

"I didn't even know."

Carl S. (cabinet-maker)

"This technology is revolutionary."

Pete S. (woodworker)

What Are People Saying?

"SawStop thought of everything."

Trent T.

"I bought the SawStop for its safety features."

George A.

"I'm a happy camper."

Robert P.

"It's a great saw."

Coy F.

"These saws are the finest operating saws I have used and seen."

James K.

"An incredibly well made machine."

Robert S.

"The saw is well made and functions flawlessly."

Brett A.

"Your company makes beautiful machines."

Paul M.

"This saw screams quality."

Per S.
New Jersey

"Thank you very much for a phenomenal machine."

Robert S.

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SawStop Owner Testimonials

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