Why I Bought a SawStop Table Saw

As written on by Christopher Schwarz on his blog; Lost Art Press Blog

Christopher Schwarz, well-known woodworker, author, editor and blogger, has purchased a SawStop saw for his personal workshop.

Mr. Schwarz has long been concerned about the advocacy of flesh-sensing technologies, and his adoption of the SawStop technology came as a big surprise to many of his followers.

As Mr. Schwarz writes on his blog:

“So here is why I broke down and bought a SawStop cabinet saw last week: It is the safest table saw on the market.

After witnessing some close calls during the last decade (I’ve not had one myself, really), I keep thinking what my life would be like without a finger or two. I would type slower. I would have more difficulty handling my hand tools. It would feel different to put my hand behind my wife’s head and kiss her.

So $3,000 is an awfully small one-time price to pay for an incredible added layer of protection. I don’t care about the “cost to society” in my own case. I can afford to pay for my own amputation and rehabilitation. But then what? Do I want to live with an amputation I could have easily avoided?

No, I do not.”

Mr. Schwarz has not had nor requested any interaction or assistance with SawStop, LLC along his journey. While there are some small inaccuracies with his blog entry (for example, what will cause an activation of the brake mechanism), his blog entry goes to some length describing his cost/benefit analysis. Read it here: Lost Art Press Blog