Fine Woodworking – Jobsite Saw Review

Although it’s designed for the construction industry, I took SawStop’s new job-site saw into my shop and tested it to see if it would pass muster as a furniture-making tool. The saw can be folded up and set against a wall, taking up very little space. The collapsible stand is outfitted with wheels, making it easy to move.

The saw has convenient onboard storage for the fence, miter gauge, spare blade, spare brake cartridge, and wrenches—it even has a spot for a tape measure.

The 15-amp universal motor had ample power. It handled 3⁄4-in.-wide dadoes without any trouble, and I was able to rip 8/4 hard maple (although I did have to slow the feed rate). The cabinet has a 2 1⁄2-in.-dia. dust port connected to a shroud around the blade. Hooked to a shop vacuum, the saw did a very good job capturing chips and dust, especially with the blade guard in place.

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