Awards: Best Portable Jobsite Table Saw, Best Fence, Easiest Setup, Best Dust Collection

  • Motor: 15-Amp
  • No Load Speed: 4,000 RPM
  • Blade Size: 10″
  • Stock Blade: 40T  Carbide-Tipped Saw Blade
  • Weight: 79 lbs.
  • Max Cutting Depth @ 90 Degrees:
  • Max Dado Capacity: 13/16″
  • Max Rip Cut Width: 25-1/2″
  • Warranty: 1-Year Limited

Total Points: 195.5
Class Ranking: 1/2
Overall Ranking: 1/10

Like DeWalt, SawStop’s Jobsite Table Saw is loaded with features. It all starts with the box – yes, the packaging. Assembly requires only the attachment of the wheels and handles and the box is designed to help. If you read the instructions laid out for you, you’ll spend maybe 10 minutes on assembly before you’re ready to work.

SawStop has an excellent stand and they’ve cleverly hidden the tool/miter/riving knife storage box under the side extension. Move the table extension and the box presents itself. Like DeWalt, there are two knives available – one with safety guards and one without – so you’re not left wondering how the pawls and guard go on the riving knife. Blade height is fully adjusted by just one turn of the wheel. Not everyone was on board with this, citing less accuracy for dado and rabbet cuts. In the end, we showed we could be as accurate on the height as any of the other saws, so it’s a win.

A micro bevel adjustment was another source of contention between Pros. Some really liked the ability to dial in a precise angle while others thought the lack of a specific point of reference would force you to re-zero the angle every time you use it. We left this one as a toss up based on preference.

The fence on this system is easily the winner. With clamping on just the front side, it self-aligns better than any other in the group and offers excellent stability. While SawStop didn’t have the most powerful feel to the cuts, it was very smooth with little vibration. Feature preferences aside, the only (slight) negative we agreed on was that the bevel lock stuck a little bit compared to others.

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