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CONTEST WINNER! The New Oxford Workshop Submitted by: AJ Warner This video demonstrates the many talents of New Oxford High School students both past and present. We chose to do a spin off of The New Yankee Workshop show.... nothing else says woodworking like Norm Abram! Thanks for watching and please vote so we are able to continue the tradition of quality craftsmanship at New Oxford High School. [Congratulations to New Oxford High School for their great video and, most importantly, for rallying a huge groundswell of support to win the big prize!]

CONTEST WINNER! The New Oxford Workshop

1:30 min

East Union SawStop Baby (Honorable Mention: Most Creative Video) Submitted by: Marla Dayle Shifflett We created this fun video because we really love this saw! We have been without any shop classes for two years. We are a financially strapped school district, like most schools these days, and we desperately need this saw. We researched how the saw works and we would be very proud to own one. Thank you, SawStop, for this opportunity.

East Union SawStop Baby (Honorable Mention: Most Creative Video)

1:16 min

Woodbridge High School in Virginia Submitted by: Tim De Felice Woodbridge High School technology education students would like to thank you for watching our video. We could really use a SawStop table saw. We greatly appreciate your support!

Woodbridge High School in Virginia

1:08 min

Don't Destroy The World (Neshoba CCTC) Submitted by: James W. Boykin This video was created by the Philadelphia Neshoba County Career Technical Center in Philadelphia, MS, in hopes to win the SawStop contest. Students brainstormed ideas and eventually came up with a spoof of the DirecTV commercials. Construction, Health Science, and Business Computer Technology students all worked hard to create this video.

Don't Destroy The World (Neshoba CCTC)

1:14 min

No Saw (The Movie, Public School Gabriel-Le Courtois) Submitted by: Vincent Rineau It's the brand new technology. The Safest on the market and the most useless too! That's the reason we participate to Sawstop contest to have a safe and functionnal table saw.

No Saw (The Movie, Public School Gabriel-Le Courtois)

1:18 min

DJCC Needs A SawStop Submitted by: Joseph Davis SawStop helps our students with their woodworking while keeping them safe for their other pursuits. We need a SawStop!

DJCC Needs A SawStop

1:31 min

Union Star Agriculture Department Submitted by: Blaine Martin The Union Star Agriculture department is entering to win a free SawStop table saw. We are in much need of a new table saw in order to update our shop and create a safe environment for your students.Thank you!!

Union Star Agriculture Department

1:19 min

DCTS Sawstop Video (Journey tribute) Submitted by: Robert Brightbill Dauphin County Technical School students performing for a new SawStop!

DCTS Sawstop Video (Journey tribute)

1:25 min

If Only We Had A SawStop Submitted by: Eric Heard This video was made at W. P. Wagner School to stress the importance of safety when working with woodworking machinery.

If Only We Had A SawStop

0:38 min

J.R. Robson School (Brakes!) Submitted by: Curtis Zorniak J.R. Robson School SawStop Entry!

J.R. Robson School (Brakes!)

0:31 min

Banning High School, Wilmington CA New Construction Class needs a Stop Saw!!! Older saws out of date! Hard to use and difficult to get parts! Heeeeelp!

Banning High School, Wilmington CA

0:33 min

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