Steps to Install (Type 2) Switch Box Paddle Spring (CB)

Service Procedure SP-CB-190703-02

Tools and Supplies Required for this Procedure:

  • #2 Phillips screwdriver
  • 1 ea type 2 Switch Box Paddle Spring (SawStop Part Number: 09-001576-00)

Procedure Steps:

(Before starting, please read instructions all the way through to ensure complete understanding)
Note: the photos in this procedure were taken on a switch box that had not yet been installed, for ease of photographing – you do not need to remove the switch box or the paddle from the saw to install the spring clip.

  • Disconnect all electrical power to the saw.
  • Using the #2 Phillips screwdriver, remove the 7 screws from the left side of the switch box, and pull the left side cover off the switch box. Set it aside, taking care not to lose any screws.
  • Pull the paddle switch partially loose from the switch box, exposing the bottom of the switch as shown.
  • Install the paddle spring as shown (the spring is keyed to only go on one way.)
  • Put the paddle back in place as shown, and re-attach the cover plate.
  • When it’s pushed back together, the paddle will look like this from below; screw the cover on to close the seam tightly.
  • Test to make sure that the paddle switch and the cam are working properly. The paddle should snap open and closed, without binding.


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