Mobile Base Air Purge Procedure

Service Procedure SP-MB-190703-02

If pumping the foot pedal does not raise the jack piston, or raises it only during the last part of the stroke, the mobile base was probably tipped during shipment and air bubbles have mixed with the hydraulic oil in the jack. If this happens, follow these steps to purge the air from the jack.

  1. With the saw in the mobile base, fully lower the saw by stepping on the left side of the release lever. The release lever is below the foot pedal.
  2. There are three screws on the front of the release lever and the center screw holds the lever on a hexagonal shaft. Remove only the center screw and slide the lever off the hexagonal shaft, noting the rotational position of the lever relative to the shaft so that you can slide the lever back on the shaft in the same orientation.
  3. Turn the hexagonal shaft counterclockwise ½ turn.
  4. Pump the foot pedal rapidly 10 times.
  5. Turn the hexagonal shaft back clockwise ½ turn.
  6. Reinstall the release lever in the same position on the hexagonal shaft.
  7. Test the jack and repeat these steps to purge any remaining air.
  8. If the mobile base lowers the saw too quickly or too slowly, adjust the release lever as described in the Owner’s Manual.


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