Clearing CNS175 Lower Limit Stop

Service Procedure SP-CNS-190702

  • Tilt the blade to about 20° or more to ease access to the area you want to work on.
  • Working from the rear of the Contractor Saw, you’ll find the limit stop and its sawdust at the rear corner of the saw assembly (see red circled area in the first picture.)
  • With heavy use, this area can accumulate a lot of sawdust (only a little of it here in the second picture.) you can clear it by use of a wire probe (a piece of coat hanger wire works well) and/or compressed air. Note that the miter gears located here will tend to pick up sawdust, and then can give trouble either raising or lowering the blade. When you feel the elevation mechanism begin to bind, do not attempt to force them – clear the sawdust and operations can return to normal. Applying a non-drying grease prolongs the life of these gears.
  • Once this area is cleared, as in the picture below, you should be able to get a complete raising and lowering of the saw blade.


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