Canadian Woodworking Award

SawStop’s Compact Table Saw was recently voted as Canadian Woodworking’s Tool of the Year in the category of machinery. This award was voted on by woodworkers and faced competition like the Bosch PROFACTOR 18V Surgeon 12″ Dual-Bevel Miter Saw and the Oneida V-System 3000 SMART Boost Dust Collector. 

The 10” Compact Table Saw was released in early September, a solution for those who want SawStop’s legendary safety technology in a more affordable, portable form. This saw is the only compact saw that stops on contact with skin, bringing safety to more places.  

Canadian Woodworking stated “The SawStop CTS sets the standard for quality, convenience, and safety on a jobsite or in a small workshop where floor space is at a premium. It works great, operates smoothly, makes accurate cuts, and has the best bevel system on the market. The saw is light enough for one person to move it around and compact enough that you can store it under a worktable. It offers durable quality, exceptional safety features and the power and precision you need to process stock up to 3-1/8″ thick.” 

If you’re interested in the Compact Table Saw, you can get all the details and specs on the CTS product page.