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In late 2004, SawStop delivered the first Industrial Cabinet Saw. It was the result of years of meticulous engineering and planning centered around two ideas: first, that table saws could be safer; and second, that available cabinet saws were underbuilt and under-featured. SawStop could do better. And we did. In 2004, the table saw revolution had begun.

Ten years later, SawStop is now the number one cabinet saw in North America. The patented safety technology has saved thousands of fingers, and operators worldwide acclaim the precision, quality and durability of the Industrial Cabinet Saw.

In the years following the Industrial Cabinet Saw’s debut, a Contractor and then a Professional model were introduced. Despite the broad acceptance and rave reviews of these new models, the Industrial remains the pinnacle of the SawStop line and the best table saw available anywhere.

Today, ten years after the first SawStop shipped, we would like to say thank you and welcome to the newest members of the SawStop family. If our history is any indication, you will absolutely love your new table saw.